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I mainly write about love, self-awareness, and friendship. I’m a software engineer, languages and cake lover, audiophile, soon-to-become matcha master and …
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There is a moment where with anyone — coworkers, friends or family members — , we come to discuss about major areas of life.

Such as, romantic relationships.

At first, this may not seem to make quite much of a difference, but still, this not-quite-much-of-a-difference is a nuance I never hear in people sayings.

While discussing about these, there is one tiny detail in what I say —or don’t— that people may have noticed after a while:

I never use the term: “Ex”, or “Exes”.

Instead, when I need to designate a person I was in relationship with, I simply…

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It’s 2 in the afternoon on a sunny Sunday of March 8, 2021.

Yesterday, the country was hit by Niran, a category 5 tropical storm, and there I am, no more than 24 hours later, strolling around Sainte-Marie park with my housemate. We will soon meet four friends to enjoy an ice cream at Amorino.

Over there, no mask, no barrier gestures and no social distancing.

It’s been about an entire year that New Caledonia closed its borders. …


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Have you ever considered buying gold?

If you indeed did, you may have stumbled upon 90’s looking websites or, if you went a step further, you then faced the necessity to have a broker —an intermediary that handles buying/selling an asset on behalf of someone else.

But if we’re alike, you don’t want all of this.

All you want is:

  • logging into your account on whatever website
  • having a reasonably recent and intuitive UI (User Interface)
  • and press a button to buy/sell your gold whenever you feel like it.

That’s about it.

You don’t want someone to “help you out”…

Book review

Personality is a complex beast, right?

This invisible substance that you always carry with yourself and that happens to be altered— sometimes slightly, sometimes a whole lot more —when you:

  • meet people
  • meet another type of people
  • are by yourself
  • do certain things
  • don’t do certain things
  • evolve in a common environment
  • evolve in an uncommon environment
  • and much more.

In short, it’s an ever-changing multifaceted beast, yes, you understood it right.

So did Benjamin Hardy, PhD, the author of Personality Isn’t Permanent. …


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Dark themes are something of the past for me: I do not use them anymore.

Or to be 100% precise, I only use a dark theme about 0.01% of the time. It’s when I’m in a place with a very low ambient light, or else a totally dark room.

In this setting — and in this setting only—, I think it makes sense to use a dark theme as it makes the screen very easy on the eyes —the monitor being blended into the surroundings.

After a few years of using a dark theme, I ended up switching to a…


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It’s now pretty clear.

I really¹, really², really³, really like to write about phones, and especially how we behave while using them.

Here I’m presenting my curated list of 5 personal best practices that, once applied to your “phone relationship”, will help you enhance your social life, self-confidence, as well as general well-being.

As I have the belief that the relationship we entertain with our phone has a direct impact on our life’s quality, I have always been extremely self-aware of how I behave with.

Being probably the most time-consuming relationship one entertains in these modern days, it is —…

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As a writher, oopsie!

As a writer, there is something I purposefully never use while crafting a new piece of work: a text correction tool.

The very end of the writing process —thus the moment when the editing one starts— is the only time where I think it’s optimal to use such a tool. Indeed, I see and feel many drawbacks in using text correction tools too early in the process, and here is an overview of these.

1. Addition of visual noise

Take a look at this.

Photo by Campbell Boulanger on Unsplash

You know this feeling right?

You wish to obtain a particular thing super hard. For months, or even years. And then, there it is:

You finally had it.

It’s all shiny right in front of you. Your new car, new phone, new maxed-out Apple computer, whatever it is that you wanted to acquire, you now have it.

You worked hard and lengthily to get it and you feel happy and excited about it, for some time.

Yes, sadly, it’s only for some time that you feel this way as weeks after, or sometimes, even just days after:


You don’t…

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Note: This article sums up the origin of this trend.

Our tiny digital devices are now the main gates to our mind. And these gates have never been more real and imposing than these days.

These physical objects entice us to engage with them when all we want is engaging with our loved ones.

We interact with today’s phones, we don’t simply use them — as a way to communicate.

For instance, we used to use the telephone.

Now, replace “tele” with “smart” and the world changes.

It was a physical object that required us to physically use it before…

Everyone does the same: Staring. (Photo by Krzysztof Kowalik on Unsplash)

In the real world, I am famous for making “was-not-ready-for-that” puns.
With this post I hope that, from now on, the internet will also admit my talent.

*Re-reads his title and subtitle: Sneers childishly*

You may have noticed that I really ¹ really ² like to talk about smartphones. Well, although I’m in fact not really fond of these — or rather, what we have become with —, here is yet another post about them.

Or more precisely, a post about a trend they’re the main actors in.

Sitting is the new smoking

You may have encountered this saying recently.

I agree with it.


Grégory Poircuitte | グレゴリー

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