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I mainly write about love, self-awareness, and friendship. I’m a software engineer, languages and cake lover, audiophile, soon-to-become matcha master and …

These people deserve an extra mile, I believe

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At first, this may not seem to make quite much of a difference, but still, this not-quite-much-of-a-difference is a nuance I never hear in people sayings.

An end to people chilling and kissing outdoor when the world anguishes and cries indoor.

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For the first time in history, gold is buyable 24/7

Photo from Wikimedia
  • logging into your account on whatever website
  • having a reasonably recent and intuitive UI (User Interface)
  • and press a button to buy/sell your gold whenever you feel like it.

Book review

A book that truly respects its topic richness by being alike

  • meet people
  • meet another type of people
  • are by yourself
  • do certain things
  • don’t do certain things
  • evolve in a common environment
  • evolve in an uncommon environment
  • and much more.


5 reasons I stick to my light theme 99.9% of the time

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Or said differently: “5 phone relationship best practices”

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Reasons why I believe it kills my gains

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

1. Addition of visual noise

Wished super hard to get it and went meh shortly after you did? Let’s change this

Photo by Campbell Boulanger on Unsplash

How come we stare so much

Photo by Antoine Barrès on Unsplash

These physical objects entice us to engage with them when all we want is engaging with our loved ones.

Now, replace “tele” with “smart” and the world changes.

And we don’t even look classy wearing it

Everyone does the same: Staring. (Photo by Krzysztof Kowalik on Unsplash)

Sitting is the new smoking

Grégory Poircuitte | グレゴリー

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